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BMW DesignWorks + Gensler The Crisis Multiplier Today’s era of dramatic change is more complex than ever before. Over the past two years, we’ve witnessed wave after wave of crises, with lasting repercussions for human health, the environment, our social fabric, and global security. We describe this as a “crisis multiplier,” in which compounding issues multiply the speed of cascading consequences. The global pandemic, the social justice awakening, the clear and present danger of rising C02 levels, How Design and the volatile economy are feeding a growing sense of global instability. Any one of these would Responds require a significant recalibration. Together, they are creating a fundamental shift that will influence So, how does design change? How does a design design and the built environment at the core. firm like ours adapt to new realities? We think these critical issues will continue to impact real estate and the building industry for We believe design has a unique and profound role years to come. to play in making a difference in the world and tackling the world’s toughest challenges. Design can be the antidote that brings optimism and direction in destabilizing times. Design can find solutions to complex situations. Over the past 25 years, the idea of design has shifted considerably. What was once thought of as a purely aesthetic discipline in the 20th century, design now plays a key strategic role in business decisions for every type of organization in the world. Through our experience over the past two years, The world around us is people are seeing that the true value of space isn’t undergoing unprecedented in the geometry and aesthetic of a building. Rather, transformation, with new a building’s true value lies in the experience the space provides to people. This is true now more crises emerging at a than ever because of the radical changes taking rapid pace. place and the need for new types of places that are speaking to those needs. We’re leading the way with a fortitude built on design While the nature of today’s challenges seems to innovation, global and local be different, the cycle of transformative design has been our strength throughout Gensler’s history. client relationships, financial We have embraced change. We’ve evolved and strength, collaborative transformed. We’ve listened and learned to our leadership, and the clients and communities. And whenever we’ve industry’s best talent. ventured into uncharted territory, we’ve remained confident in each other to invent and grow into an even better design firm. Burlingame Point, Burlingame, Calif. 6 7

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