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      Give your PDF an SEO boost

      Give your PDF an SEO boost Convert PDFs into microsites, interactive presentation or flipbooks to improve their search engine optimization. Web crawlers will scan your content, and it’ll appear high in search results with RELAYTO’s out-of-the-box SEO capabilites

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      Why improve search engine optimization for your PDFs? Search engine optimization helps your content to be seen on the web across all search engines, like Google or Bing. When your content is rich in keywords, it’s bound to rank high in search. But why improve SEO with RELAYTO/? Because people will Because web crawlers love Because you’ll discover your content. the RELAYTO format. boost your traffic. You worked hard on your PDF, so let the Once you open your PDF to search When people find your content, they’ll world see it! With our SEO promotion engines with our public mode, web click to view it. And if you have your tool, people will be able to find your crawlers will see your content and index company logo in your branded document online by the relevant the pages one by one. Your content can sub-domain, your audience can click keywords in your original PDF. They’ll find appear on Google and other search through, boosting your website traffic. exactly what they’re looking for, so you engines within as little as three days! won’t miss out on truly invested leads.

      How to promote content with RELAYTO/ 01. 03. 05. Upload your PDF into RELAYTO. Add interactivity for better As your doc’s SEO ranking grows, We’ll convert it into an HTML5 site, engagement, and brand the direct so does your audience. Track stats available as a direct link. link to your PDF, increasing trust, to analyze content performance. click rates, and views. 02. 04. Make sure the title and the Set the Public mode for your description of your flipbook are flipbook so we can send it to relevant and keyword-rich. be indexed right away.

      It’s so meta! Title Description The title is a vital meta tag, as it’s the Your RELAYTO asset description is a Search engine optimization and first thing your audience and web powerful tool in HTML5 SEO. A good, your RELAYTO meta tags go hand crawlers see—for instance, in the name keyword-heavy description helps of the browser tab of your SEO-friendly improve SEO because Google and in hand. Each meta tag, such as digital experience. Make sure the title other search engines understand the title and the description, reflects the content of your digital your content better and rank it higher contains information about a experience for an SEO boost. in search results. document or a page, which web crawlers use for SEO ranking. PRO TIP: link building will boost SEO, too. When other sites link back to your digital Page snippets Interactive thumbnails experience, its SEO ranking and search visibility grow! Make sure you share the link Page snippets are brief descriptions Your meta tags, i.e. the title and the to your RELAYTO experience across all the of each page of your PDF that description, appear in the neat preview channels at your disposal—strong link appear in search results. You can of your content when you share it on building equals strong search engine creates a unique description for each most social media and in messengers optimization. page, making it easier for web (both across LinkedIn, Meta platforms crawlers to pull up relevant, and many others). The front page of click-worthy info in search results. your RELAYTO pulls up in the preview, encouraging people to click through!

      Keywords of wisdom Will Google search your RELAYTO for keywords? Definitely. And while we improve HTML5 SEO for your PDFs with our tool, you can play your part—enrich your content with keywords! Make your marketing efforts pay off. As good as your keyword Go beyond each page Keywords guide you on the quest of how to promote Google’s algorithms are intelligent: only relevant info pops up content. What does your audience expect to see? What in page snippets in search. So if you have keywords on every do they search for online? Insert relevant keywords into page, they’re likely to show up in search results, boosting SEO your original PDF, so the audience can find your and click rates. Plus, Google’s AI can even rewrite your meta SEO-friendly RELAYTO in search. tags to create the most relevant snippet.

      Share your SEO-friendly RELAYTO Sure, Google will crawl your RELAYTO experiences and bring in new viewers, but you can share your content yourself as well! Direct link Embed Direct link opens in any Your RELAYTO experience will become browser, on any device for your an integral part of your site. The longer audience’s enjoyment. people flip through it, the higher your So share away! SEO ranking will be. So do embed RELAYTO into your blogs and websites! Social media Email and Messengers The question isn’t how to Send the link to your RELAYTO promote content, but experience in any email and where—across the social messenger—your audience will see a networks your audience lives. neat, click-worthy preview of your digital experience.

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