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The Emergence of Vaccine Requirements In January, the United States Supreme Court rejected the Biden Administration’s mandate that would require workers at companies with 100 or more employees to get vaccinated or submit a negative COVID-19 test weekly to enter the workplace. In its aftermath, companies like Starbucks decided to drop their vaccination mandates. We’ve seen similar mandates across private corporations but with varying degrees of frequency and applied in different ways. Vaccine requirements in job posts have gone up 4.5x from 2021 Vaccine requirements have massively increased since COVID-19 vaccines were first introduced in 2021. In 2022, we see explicit vaccine mandates in nearly 10% of all jobs. North American jobs are 5x more likely than European jobs to have explicit vaccine requirements Jobs based in North America and Australia & Oceania have the highest rates of vaccine requirement language in job posts (12% and 16%, respectively), while European jobs have among the lowest (<2% of job posts). In North America, vaccine mandates are higher among professional jobs. In Australia & Oceania, vaccine mandates are higher among frontline jobs. While it’s difficult to say for certain why this is, it’s possible that labor market tightness in the US is prompting companies struggling to hire frontline talent to reduce their job requirements. Regional differences in COVID-19 measures may also be the cause. © Tapwage Inc 2022 21

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