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The Incredible Remote Hiring Advantage Remote jobs are clearly getting popular with employers. Is that a result of them being preferred by candidates? The data seems to suggest as much. Employers have paid close attention in recent times to potential attrition risk as companies announce their return-to-office policies. Declarations of return-to-office or hybrid work policies by large companies like Tesla, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America have elicited backlash from employees and resulted in predictions that they are kickstarting their own local “Great Resignation.” Our data demonstrates that candidates have a meaningful and enduring preference for remote work. Remote jobs attract 2.2x larger candidate pools In 2022, professional remote roles attracted substantially larger candidate pools than their non-remote counterparts. Surprisingly, the advantage of remote roles has increased since 2019, and in 2022, remote roles still attract candidate pools that are 120% larger than non-remote roles. The difference is largely in inbound candidate pools In what continues to be an incredibly tight talent market, remote jobs attract 125% larger inbound candidate pools than non-remote roles. We see this impact regardless of job type or experience level. © Tapwage Inc 2022 7

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