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HOW WE CREATE TRADE SHOW POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS IN THE HONEYWELL STYLE 10" x 7.5" monitor presentation The TITLE copy in Microsoft PowerPoint is 24 pt. Arial Bold, White, with four lines of copy maximum. Main bullet copy for content slides is 14 pt. Arial. Use only red round bullets. Sub bullet copy is 12 pt. Arial with white dash Additional bullets can form a second column. Be sure copy size is consistent with both columns. Columns should not be moved/re-sized to accommodate copy - reduce pt. size if needed. Do not use copy below 10 pt. Content slide may be used with optional inset photo. Title slide Slide transition “SPLIT VERTICAL OUT” FAST is recommended throughout the presentation. Timing for slide advancement is deter- mined by content of each slide. Content slide with optional photo Content slide 50

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