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How to Prepare Your PDF for Screens & RELAYTO

Estimated reading time - 5 minutes | A short guide with video instructions on preparing PDFs for screens & RELAYTO

How to Prepare Your PDF for Screens & RELAYTO/ How of turning your PDFs into compelling experiences.

Experience is the Message Think of your Take advantage of the possibilities that an interactive document PDF as a starting point experience offers. Enhancing your document means you can leverage rich media, all content sources, and digital experience best for your document – practices - and instantly add them to your static PDF document. And not the end result then measure & maximize the impact of your ideas.

1 Use Large Fonts A standard piece of paper is typically much bigger than a digital screen. As a result, text can often be difficult to read when initially loading a document on a digital device. Using a larger font will enable your audience to read your content without having to constantly zoom in on pages. Although this will reduce the amount of text that can be on each page, your readers will thank you for their easy reading.

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2 Leave Empty Space For Native Interactivity New RELAYTO/ customers are ways excited to add interactivity to their pages, however, they often quickly discover that there's not enough room to add the features without planning. We recommend a dual approach: • Include prominent rich media hyperlinks in your original document • RELAYTO/ Extracts your video/audio/social links automatically • Plan for additional features you are going to add AFTER your PDF has been converted into RELAYTO/. For example, enough space for a live video embed

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3 Add Video, Thumbnails, Social Links and CTA to PDF Since RELAYTO/ turns PDFs into web pages you can now do much more. Historically, if you added a YouTube link to your PDF your browser will open a new window to the YouTube page, making the audience leave the PDF. In most cases, they get distracted by other videos and never come back to your document. Now, when you add hyperlinks such as video's, social media etc, to your PDF RELAYTO/ will automatically extract your hyperlinks and they will open as widgets right on top of your document. No risk. Just the benefit of a richer, more multi-dimensional page.

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4 Add Bookmarks to your PDF Added bookmarks will be extracted into RELAYTO/ table of contents or MENU and create less work and instant web-like navigation. Resources: • How to add bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat • How to add bookmarks in Adobe Indesign • For Powerpoint, Word, and Keynote convert your document to a PDF and then refer to How to add bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat

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5 Page Layout Let’s say you are creating an eBook. Remember it's an ebook, not a book. Do not use the layout optimized for books if you know the document will be consumed on a screen. • Avoid columns, especially in a document with a long-form vertical layout. The reader is forced to scroll down and then up and down again in order to read the same page. • Do not make extremely long or wide pages/slides. We recommend not making it longer than A4 paper or wider than 16:9 ratio • Single page cropped (no double spreads). Remove all crop marks.

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6 Large PDF File Optimization • When exporting to PDF use web-optimized output Split long infographics into multiple pages for faster loading • Merge all PDF pages into one single file - you can upload more or change your document afterwards if needed • If your document is getting too large, you could create multiple documents and place them into a single hub • Flatten transparency low resolution • Convert colors to sRGB

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7 Navigation • Page numbers are unneeded as RELAYTO/ offers superior web-like document navigation • Avoid headers / footers to create a web-like experience • Add internal links to connect different parts of the document and make sure they look actionable and are easy to touch on hand-held devices

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8 Extra Performance Tricks • Avoid using resource expensive compositions / effects such as transitions / masking - flatten transparency • Avoid using PDF generators that don't produce ineffective PDF output • Fix or don't produce corrupted PDFs that do not conform to the PDF32000 specification • Delete clipping paths, when possible, to avoid white ghost lines in your actual PDF, which can show upon conversion • PDF comments will not be shown after upload

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