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98 2021-22 Corporate Responsibility Report 2021 Environmental, Health, and Safety Violations Each year we share information about regulatory visits to Intel sites across the globe and Notices of Violation (NOVs) received over the course of the year. In 2021, government officials made 152 visits (including audits and inspections) to Intel sites across the globe, including 54 health and safety agency inspections, 28 fire protection agency inspections and 70 environmental agency inspections. Details on NOVs 1 and our subsequent corrective actions are provided in the table below: Location Violation Fine Intel’s Corrective Action Santa Clara, California The fire department conducted an inspection of our Mission Campus. There were a total of four findings related to labeling and management of hazardous waste containers. $0 Inspection report findings were closed promptly. Leixlip, Ireland The EPA conducted a remote compliance assessment and issued a site visit report noting one non-compliance relating to the failure to protect one groundwater monitoring well from damage under the site’s industrial emissions license. $0 The well was repaired and restored. Additional actions were taken to prevent reoccurrence. Aloha, Oregon Two acid waste neutralization tanks experienced high pH alarms. Manual controls were performed while technicians manually closed the caustic injection valve. The acid eventually stabilized the pH below the discharge limit. The wastewater outfall went above the permitted limit for 67 minutes. $0 The event was reported to the local agency. The tank level was brought down, and pH remained stable. The caustic control valve was investigated and found to be functioning properly. Further investigation revealed that the air pressure to the valve was below the recommended operating pressure. The air pressure was then raised and the operations team was able to get the valve to fully seat. San Jose, California The fire department performed an inspection of the San Jose Innovation Campus.  During the site walk, the inspector noted four rooms housing uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) with lead acid batteries that were missing hazard identification signs on the doors and issued two NOV letters, one for each building, requesting corrections.   $0 Signage was added to the doors of the rooms. San Jose, California The fire department performed an inspection of the fire sprinkler and alarming systems at the San Jose Innovation Campus. The inspector observed three minor items needing correction related to trouble alarms on fire alarm control panels and documentation of a five-year sprinkler test. $0 Corrections were made and the inspector approved and closed the inspection. Turgeneva, Russia A fire inspection followed a UPS battery event in December 2020. The final report included findings related to furniture located in passage and near a fire hose, smoke, and the width of doors to evacuation staircase. $2,000 Corrective changes were implemented. A certified company completed assessment for the building. Recommendations were dispositioned with the local jurisdiction. Fort Collins, Colorado During an annual fire department inspection of the Ft. Collins campus, the inspector noted one finding related to the master key for the campus. $0 The deficiency was corrected immediately after the inspection. A sustaining method was established to ensure that the master key works in doors on campus. Ronler Acres, Oregon The fire and rescue department performed fire-life safety inspections of the RS5 and RS6 buildings with findings documented in reports. $0 Findings are being tracked to closure by the site fire protection engineer with regular communications to the fire and rescue department. Follow-up walkdowns are performed with fire and rescue department to verify closure of each finding. The site implemented a robust process for capturing, assigning, closing, tracking, communicating, and verifying closure of findings. Aloha, Oregon A decommissioned chemical metering pump was being removed from the acid waste neutralization system.  After the drain of the sulfuric acid line was completed, a flush of residual chemical and water was performed that was routed back into the tank. As a result, the wastewater outfall dropped below the permitted limit for approximately three minutes. $100 The local agency was notified within two hours per the site’s wastewater permit. Individuals were coached on non-standard work and preventative measures. Isolation is required for work that may involve loss of control or indication of last stage acid waste neutralization tanks. 1 Our definition of an NOV includes any written notice from an agency stating Intel is not in compliance with a regulation or other legal requirement, including administrative items. Introduction Our Business Responsible Inclusive Sustainable Enabling Appendix

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