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Interactive Digital Product Release Presentation

Perfect template to sell you product to your customers. Furthermore you can use this for any special releases or update announcements.



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Digital Product Release

Perfect template to sell you product to your customers. Furthermore you can use this for any special releases or update announcements.


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      Digital Product Release
      Your Logo

      We’ve found a market gap Our This new product is perfect Big Opportunity We have a solid plan And data to back it up

      The Goal of This New Product

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          Why this new product? Yass Now is our opportunity to ! what it is? capitalize on market gap that fits our abilities and client base. With this new digital why it matter? product, we can take advantage of the needs of our customers and be a first mover.

          Interactive Digital Product Release Presentation - Page 4

          Market Opportunity Strengths (S) Weaknesses (W) • Have successfully gained new • Have underutilized our customers via social networks customers and IP SWOT • Developed propriety • Are missing out on potential technology growth from limited capital. Opportunities (O) Threats (T) We took time to assess • Leverage our current capital • Competitors have been our advantages and • Take advantage of our current acquired by bigger companies challenges and partnerships • The customer is fickle and quick concluded the following: to change

          Digital = Growth! 171 FORECAST 2018 M The total number of active product users is forecast to Hardware Software reach 171M by 2018. The hardware tipping What’s lacking is point makes this digital quality software product possible. products.

          Goal benchmarks Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue Mail app e-Commerce Timeless Support Messaging and mail We can sell our current Direct contact with accounts for a large product line with our customers is now portion of activity on greater organic reach easier than ever. digital platforms. with this new product.

          Big Solution What this new digital product solves is not just our own challenge, but a challenge facing the entire industry. With our Big Three features, we expect to change the industry and lead with a solid moat.

          And now, the product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Our unique With state-of-the-art We took our security, our distribution system flagship feature proprietary allows us to reach from another information gives us a customer needs product and made it solid moat. faster. more detailed.

          Solutions by platform Free Platform Paid Platform Many of our most enticing features We expect a growth of 24% for our will be partially available on our free paid platform, which will be the platform. We expect an increase of highest since our initial launch. over 40%. 24% 42%

          Top Performing SEO Keywords Supply Invention Important Keywords Market Ergonomic share These keywords are 90% of relevant searches Price Demand

          SEO Keyword search Web design 80/100 matches e-Commerce startup We have established and tested the most important 90/100 keywords for which to buy advertisement space. Digital marketing strategy Our team, led by a seasoned campaign manager, 75/100 identified these important topics. Ads agency 80/100 Billy Kaspo SEO Chief of Advertising 75/100

          Pre-launch metrics We wanted to be completely confident in our investment in this product. Here are some of the exiting results we found when conducting market analysis. 4842 2140 3241 5167 ACTIVE SHIELD HOURS SPENT GOAL ACHIEVED TRAFFIC VIEWS

          625 6178 324 2153 Mail app Music/Audio e-Commerce Customer Support We wanted to be completely confident in our investment in this product. Here are some of the exiting results we found when conducting market analysis.

          3 Launch Phases Brief Deep analysis Design process It begins with the simplest And then migrates to Finally, we tune the last yet most-used of our what we think will feature based on features. generate new members. previous performance.

          Interactive Digital Product Release Presentation - Page 15

          Competitors MARKET SHARE BY SUB-CATEGORY Web design 80/100 e-Commerce startup 90/100 Here are the closet competitors by Digital marketing strategy category. The biggest competitor is 75/100 with e-Commerce, followed closely by Ads agency Web design and Ads. 80/100

          Nearest Competitor By monthly revenue Digital Products, inc $62,000K Here is the closest competitors by revenue. The biggest competitor is Digital Products. Little Empire $18,991K Here is the second-closest competitor by revenue: Little Empire.

          Making Coffee 95/100 Leadership SEO 95/100 95/100 Market Share BY PRODUCT CATEGORY Research UI/UX 95/100 95/100 Here is an overview of similar industries we could have tackled but chose not to. These markets are too saturated, leaving our preferred industry wide open for Management innovation. 95/100

          Pre-Launch Timeline KICK OFF 0 2 1 2 3 0 DAYS HOURS MINUTES

          Research more Let’s Hit it Geo-location audience Harder! Target BATCH 01 BATCH 02 BATCH 03 17/09 19/09 21/09

          Research more Let’s Hit it audience Harder! NEXT PHASE BATCH 01 BATCH 02 25/09 01/10

          Branded platforms Web design Social media Effective ads The digital product required a new Our social media team earned us Once certain campaigns proved website which we launched with several viral moments as we successful, we doubled down by much acclaim last quarter. promoted the best content for our promoting them on the new product. most-visited websites.

          Testimonial or Product Showcase Digital Packaging Even digital products need to be packaged. And ours is top notch. Well Designed UI Super SEO & SAE Stress Free! We hired the best designers in We built SEO into our It’s easy to get up and the industry to create an design to make the running with this new interface to keep members search results organic product. No tutorials coming back. and useful. necessary.

          Post-launch Timeline 2005 2007 Timeline Build More Team 24% 56% 85% Curren New Impressions First, we assemble the best t team to research this market

          2011 2008 2012 The era of digital Ads adsbow pitch® Expand Business adsuw 1st big public netwerk,inc Then we battle-test this facebook announcement. product.

          2015 2019 Recruit Startup Refresh Still Up & Running Grow the product from there, We then start the process over Designate an entire department establishing new features. again, and begin version 2 of this to this product. new product.

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