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8 Our Employees Highlights in 2021 8 Social: Our Employees 48.1% 48% women full-time employees women in management positions 34% ethnic / racial diversity in management positions 0.30 Total Recordable Injury Rate $150 million spend on employee learning and development Our Employees Best Practices in 2021 • Expanded learning and development programs across the organization with a focus on first-time and experienced people leader skills and competencies. • Introduced global hybrid working model, J&J Flex, to enable remote working and virtual employee onboarding. • Launched a new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategy placing greater emphasis on equity and leadership accountability, with DEI goals for VPs across the organization. • Conducted biennial Our Voice Survey across 77 countries in 36 languages, with a 91% participation rate, an 82% favorability rate, and key select results: - 94% agreed: I am willing to give extra effort to help Johnson & Johnson meet its goals. - 91% agreed: I would like to be working at Johnson & Johnson one year from now. - 87% agreed: I would recommend Johnson & Johnson as a great place to work. • Drove STEM awareness by engaging 317,800 girls through hundreds of events and activities to expose more girls to science and encourage the uptake of science-based careers as part of our Health for Humanity 2025 STEM Goal. • Maintained our Talent for Good programs across the Enterprise, with hundreds of employees taking part in skills-based pro bono programs for our communities. • Maintained COVID-19 safety protection for employees by implementing specific protocols across our sites, administering COVID-19 vaccines to employees and providing a Global Recharge Day to help employees build resilience. • Expanded membership of our enterprise-wide Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) by 16% to 28,100 and added ERG chapters both in the U.S. and internationally to accommodate the increasing engagement and interest of employees. • Introduced new benefits for employee well-being including the extension of paid parental leave from eight weeks to 12 weeks globally; expansion of Global Exercise Reimbursement to include additional virtual subscriptions and at-home equipment; and new Military Spouse Time-Off and Military Leave policies for U.S./Puerto Rico employees. 8% overall voluntary turnover

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