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13 Promoting Consumer Safety Around the world, we employ over 100 dedicated personnel focused on ensuring product safety. The Quality, Regulatory and Compliance organization partners with our development teams to help ensure our products are safe for their intended use, and assure their compliance with applicable governmental regulations and our own corporate standards. In 2021, our teams completed more than 3,600 safety and compliance assessments of new ingredients, raw materials, finished products, design changes, and market expansions. Over the past several years, we’ve aligned with emerging public and scientific consensus on ingredients of concern by removing microbeads, triclosan, and nonylphenol ethoxylates from Kimberly-Clark products, and focusing on the removal of parabens and phenoxyethanol from our baby wipes. In 2020, we joined the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3), a multi-stakeholder collaborative that helps drive the commercial adoption of green chemistry by catalyzing and guiding action across industries, sectors, and supply chains. Enhancing Transparency To give our consumers greater peace of mind, we’re also working to provide greater transparency into our product ingredients — a major undertaking, given that our brands offer hundreds of products around the world, incorporating thousands of ingredients. In the near term, we remain focused on publishing ingredient information for products on our corporate website to provide greater transparency into our consumer tissue products as well as our tissue and formulated professional products in the North American market. In 2021, we accelerated the progress of this work by adding ingredient information on priority regional products, such as personal care wet wipes in South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and baby care products in South America. Further, our North American feminine care brands added ingredient disclosures to their websites. Looking ahead, we will continue our work to disclose our consumer product ingredient information worldwide, giving consumers additional data to help them make informed choices. Product Quality & Safety The well-being of our consumers is a top priority, which is why it is our policy to deliver products that are in accordance with regulatory requirements and meet or exceed consumer expectations. We take a science-based approach to product safety, and aspire to use only the safest ingredients and to provide open and transparent details about those ingredients. About This Report Social Impact Our Strategy Inclusion & Diversity Environment, Health and Safety Product Quality & Safety Plastics Footprint Forest Footprint Carbon Footprint Water Footprint

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