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Wordmark and logo guidelines Wordmark LE&D wordmark The wordmark is an introductory tool. It shouldn’t replace the Liberty Mutual logo. TM should appear on bottom right of wordmark. TM guidelines We have filed for the below trademarks: LiMu™ LiMu Emu™ LiMu Emu & Doug™ A TM is required after the first or most prominent use of the three phrases above in any and all materials. Additionally, when using the campaign lockup we need to include a TM on the bottom right of the lockup. Liberty Mutual logo/medallion Social cover photo in social/digital the logo on the car can hold the place of the Liberty Logo or the medallion For the latest and greatest on usage, please reach out to LiMu Emu & Doug Campaign Team at [email protected]. Liberty Mutual brand guidelines GRM U.S. section—September 2020 (Version 2.3) Confidential—Internal use only—Content not for reproduction 43

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