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Marine Life 2030 Brand Book

Logo Use and Style Guide Version 1.0

Marine Life 2030 is a new program endorsed by the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Our logo has been designed to reflect the complex nature of this program and the variety of life associated with marine and coastal environments. This guide is provided to help facilitate professional and consistent representation wherever the logo is used. Any departure from these guidelines should be carefully considered.

The following fonts and colors should be used in marketing materials for Marine Life 2030: Vintage Rovery Montserrat Regular Pantone 7555 / #D09E11 / R: 208 G: 157 B: 017 Pantone 3035 / #004153 / R: 001 G: 062 B: 082 Pantone 631 / #3CB6CE / R: 006 G: 175 B: 196

There may be times when the primary three color logo might be difficult to read clearly or out of budget (t-shirts, mugs, etc.). In those cases, this two color version might be more appropriate and cost effective. When using the two color variant, please refrain from changing the colors. The one color logo variant should be used when placement calls for high contrast. This is the only version of the logo where it is acceptable to change the colors to meet the needs of the design. Whenever possible, continue to use the colors outlined in this document.

It is important to provide whitespace around the logo to maintain its visual presence and not accidently obscure any elements. The width of letter “M” will serve as the scaling standard of measure for this whitespace. When displaying next to another logo, please default to the guidelines that call for the largest whitespace (ex. the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development logo).

This program is part of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, so it is important to note their set of usage guidelines. The whitespace required by their logo is the height of two zeros stacked and should be the default when our logo is displayed with it.

Reproducing the logo using outlines, off-brand colors, special effects (shadows, bevels, etc.), and other arrangements is not recommended. If you encounter someone using the logo in a manner inconsistent with the guideline, please let them know and provide this document for proper guidance.

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