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Sustainability For Our For Our Creating Value For the For Our Managing Appendix at MetLife Workforce Customers as an Investor Environment Communities Responsibly WE ARE STRUCTURED TO WE PROSPER WITH EXTERNAL • Our Inclusion Networks, nine employee-led ACCELERATE DEI PERFORMANCE PERSPECTIVE AND INCLUSIVE networks in support of families; gay, lesbian, GLOBALLY DIALOGUE bisexual, transgender and queer-plus (LGBTQ+); diverse abilities; veterans; multiculturalism; To continue our progress against our 2030 To provide contemporary actions that rising professionals; women; Black professionals commitments, we provide oversight through accelerate DEI performance, we look to and Pan Asian professionals. our Global DEI governance structure. This internal and external expertise to expand oversight helps maintain sustainability, our aptitude as well as to execute against • Inclusion Tuesdays, our monthly interactive accountability and transparency in the our commitments. DEI webinar series, features members of our critical areas of DEI performance. Global DEI Leadership Council and external We gain insights from: thought leaders. Topics include creating high- MetLife’s Global Chief Diversity, Equity performing teams; exploring faith, culture and and Inclusion Officer (CDO) reports directly • Our MetLife Global DEI Leadership Council, a heritage; building trust and connection; and to our CEO and CHRO, a reporting line 16-member senior leader group, chaired by our racial inclusion. To complement these webinars, that was introduced in 2021. This reporting CEO. The Council is charged with driving and we launched a new podcast series, Inclusion structure underscores DEI as a global business, executing DEI strategy across businesses, Begins with Me: Conversations that Matter. workforce and sustainability imperative and functions and regions; providing strategic broadens our ability to strategically shape a guidance and insight to improve performance; • ADVANCE, our external roundtable comprised global culture of inclusion. and promoting and championing DEI internally of experts in racial equity-related business and externally. Members were nominated disciplines, academia and philanthropy is because of their purpose-driven leadership designed to help MetLife continue advancing and commitment to achieving results. racial equity and inclusion. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 18

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