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SASB—Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
Transparent Information & Fair Advice for Customers (continued)
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FN-IN-270a.4, Description of approach to informing customers Employer voluntary benefit insurance products
about products MetLife’s employee voluntary benefit insurance products and services are available to businesses
with two or more employees via our FINRA-licensed sales team. We provide existing and potential
customers with information about products, services and third-party relationships via web pages,
webinars, presentations, conferences, videos, newsletters, thought leadership reports, articles
and electronic or printed materials.
The development and review of materials includes legal, product subject matter experts, and
compliance and marketing teams to ensure compliance, accuracy and clarity, and following of
regulatory filing standards where appropriate and applicable, based upon various regulating
agencies and bodies, such as state departments of insurance, and FINRA and ERISA guidelines
for marketing material and plan filings. Information may include specific product details, features,
disclaimers, exclusions, and other terms and conditions, as well as general information about
MetLife’s brand, corporate functions and financial performance.
Custom communication campaigns
MetLife is committed to developing custom Group Benefits communications campaigns tailored
for each employer, aimed to drive awareness, education and participation. We recommend an
omnichannel communications strategy, increasing focus on digital delivery and using offline
channels as an important secondary channel. Integrating messages across these channels
creates a surround-sound effect that enhances the employee experience. We also have deep
experience in building compelling communications for digital channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn,
Facebook, microsites, online benefits fairs and emails—and we partner with each employer to
craft a step-by-step plan to meet employee’s needs and habits.
Communication tactics
Product enrollment and service communications plans include:
• P ersonalized enrollment kits mailed to employees’ homes, in addition to announcement and
reminder email communications.
• Custom Micr osite to serve as an educational resource center that all employees can access.
• E mployee video(s) to highlight the product details, the need for each benefit, plan benefits and
enrollment instructions.
• B enefit Decision Guide to help employees evaluate benefit needs by highlighting the value of each
benefit and what employees should consider when evaluating their individual and loved one’s needs.