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Sustainability For Our For Our Creating Value For the For Our Managing Appendix
at MetLife Workforce Customers as an Investor Environment Communities Responsibly
SASB Index
SASB—Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
Transparent Information & Fair Advice for Customers (continued)
Code/Metric Response/Reference
FN-IN-270a.4, Description of approach to informing customers 4. Digital: Email, social (primarily LinkedIn) and banner/display covering both direct outreach,
about products such as with email, and targeted communications.
5. Call Center and Operations: Inbound calls for specific questions or support and outbound
communications that are primarily direct mail and take the form of regulatory notifications,
benefit enrollment kits or confirmation of account changes such as beneficiaries.
The frequency of communication depends on the line-of-business, audience and the nature of
communications. RIS is financially regulated due to its nature of products and adheres to ERISA
requirements for specific product lines (e.g., with Institutional Income Annuities that are within
a 401(k)). As such, all communications regardless of channel or format are legally reviewed
following a defined internal process and strict adherence to regulatory requirements, including
risk/legal disclosures and no investment advice. There is also ongoing training and monitoring of
communications such as with FINRA registered agents.
MetLife Investment Management (MIM)
Product and service communications occur through five primary channels:
• F ace-to-face, e.g., Sales and Customer Support Teams: Sales enablement collateral includes
presentation decks and slip sheets. There is usually one standard deck per investment capability.
With sales taking anywhere from six months to three years on average, the number of meetings
held depends on the prospect. However, usually at least three meetings with the sales team
and investment team occur in addition to RFP reviews and final presentation to the investment
committee where Sales, Investments, Compliance and Operations present processes and
answer questions. These meetings are also forums to discuss potential investment, operational
and compliance risks, and how they are monitored. Investment consultants play a big part
by acting as intermediaries in 75% of the deals in the U.S. Therefore, MIM follows a path of
informing investment consultants about our products, and they assign a buy, hold, sell rating
to the products. Prospects who use an investment consultant usually only buy from us if our
product is rated a buy by their investment consultant. MIM (through its appropriate legal
entities) sells its investment capabilities in the U.S., Canada, EMEA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Malaysia and a few other Asian countries.
• W eb (MIM): Separate sections for each MIM LOB provide details on the value proposition for
each product, investment team members and support materials. We also have sections on
thought leadership divided by LOB and a section on ESG.