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MySQL™: The World’s Most Popular Open Source Database 101
Larry Stefonic, VP Sales
• Knows the database market inside out
• Colleagues say: ”Dealmakerl!”
• Lives in Seattle, USA, age 35
• Track record
– Birdstep
– Centura / Gupta
– Raima
• Life outside MySQL
– wife and son
– boxing, skiing
Copyright 2003 MySQL AB

How to Read This Plan
The Business Case
Market and Opportunity
Open Source Info
MySQL Info
The MySQL Product Formula
MySQL AB Overview
Figures 2002
Entering the Enterprise Market
Presentation of Management
Chairman John Wattin
CEO Marten Mickos
CFO Hans von Bell
CTO Michael Widenius
Co-Founder David Axmark
VP Sales Larry Stefonic
VP Training Kaj Arno
Advisors & Investors
Risks and Uncertainties
Investment Proposal & Exit Potential
Additional Reading