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MARX & NAPSTER Here’s a fun example of a Marxist “contradiction” decimating a market: remember the 2000s? I was in college at the time, and the way that we acquired our music was by illegally downloading MP3 files on Napster. At the time, the way the music industry wanted us to acquire music was to either download it from iTunes, or to buy and store it on compact discs. Hell no, we said to that! We’d rather wreck a $2,000 computer with a virus than pay $.99 for a song. So it’s easy to see, in retrospect, that there was a massive contradiction in the way that people behaved vs. the way the music market was organized. That same contradiction cleared the path for revolution, thus iTunes gave way to Spotify, and now artists you love can make between Music in the year 2000: How business was $0.006 and $0.0084 in exchange for a play. organized vs. How people behaved 11

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