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Where do you work? Estimates suggest a sharp increase in the percentage of the U.S. workforce that isn’t After successfully increasing employed directly by the company where they work. profits with technology, savvy CEOs are milking more money from employing less full-time 16 Independent contractors workers. The freelance economy 14 On-call workers thrives because it’s highly 12 desirable because it’s as profitable Temporary help agency workers (for companies) as it is desirable 10 (for their most expensive workers). Contract-firm workers 8 with one client Note: A janitor who is employed Contract-firm workers 6 with more than one client by a contract firm and cleans 4 five unrelated offices a week is counted as working for more 2 than one client. Data for 1995 0 and 2005 don’t include exact 1995 2005 2015 comparisons for that group. Source: Lawrence Katz (Harvard University) and Alan Krueger (Princeton University). !e Wall Street Journal. 27

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