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Typeface in use DIGITAL PrINT helvetica Neue Light is always the preferred typeface, but in digital DO NOT use Arial for any print materials. applications, the use of helvetica Neue roman/regular and Arial Preferred: use helvetica Neue Light for all printed materials. is also acceptable. Mac: helvetica Neue is installed as a default font on your machine. Alternate: use helvetica Neue roman/regular when the type size however, people viewing your work on a PC will see Arial. u se Virtual PC is smaller than 5pt to ensure legibility. to test how the ifnal will render. When creating presentations, use Arial. PC: To obtain the helvetica Neue font package, designers may contact IMPOrTANT NOTE: the Global Brand Team. There is a limited number of licenses available. The type settings “crisp,” “strong,” and “sharp” are Photoshop-speciifc until an enterprise solution is in place, you can use the Arial equivalents. options. All live text: use helvetica Neue Light Sharp. When the typeface is below 8pt, use helvetica Neue roman/regular Sharp. use Arial regular Crisp as the backup font. Buttons, Badges, and Acceptance Marks: use helvetica Neue roman/regular Sharp for all non-logo text. use Arial regular Sharp when text is smaller than 8pt. ContentS PayPal | Corporate master brand guidelines | August 2013 | Copyright © 2013 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved. 20

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