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17 © 2020 Peloton, Peloton Interactive, Inc. All rights reserved. Peloton, 125 W 25th St, 11th Fl, New York, NY 10001 SIGNAGE SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO CALL ATTENTION TO THE PELOTON BIKE. DO • Use the approved Peloton banner outside your fitness center, spa, etc. • Use the Peloton Logo lockup on the floor of your dedicated Peloton Bike area. When using the logo on the ground please: • Only use one logo. • Center the logo to the back or side of the Bikes depending on your fitness layout. • Place the Peloton logo 10 inches, behind the Bike. • Do not exceed 42 inches in width. • The Peloton logo must have a higher contrast to the color of the floor. For example, if the floor is a dark brown, black, or grey, the Peloton logo should be white. If the floor is white, tile or a light shade of wood, the Peloton logo should be black. • Material Recommendations for floor surfaces: Or acal 631 Matte Vinyl or any durable Matte adhesiv e Vinyl. • A Vinyl Die cut is of the logo is recommended for install. The box around the logo in this diagr am is to show the space you are required t o have around the logo. CREATIVE ASSETS ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS GUIDE EXAMPLE BIKE FLOOR PLAN A =Y =X 1Y 1Y 1Y 1Y 3X 36in 72in 42in EXAMPLE BIKE FLOOR PLAN B 36in 72in =Y =X 1Y 1Y 1Y 1Y 3X 42in 10in 10in 2in 2in

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