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Preventative Care | Template

ACME CORP Preventative Care Overview ACME CORP Preventative Care Overview Preventative Care: Empowering Wellness, Protecting Your Future. Preventive care refers to medical services aimed at avoiding illnesses, injuries, or medical conditions before they become severe or occur altogether. Under most health plans, certain preventive services such as wellness visits, immunizations, and screenings are covered without requiring deductibles, copays, or coinsurance. These services are provided at no cost when delivered by a healthcare provider within your plan's network.

Here are four immediate preventive-care practices you can adopt: New Hire Benefit Guide ● Refrain from using tobacco products and consume alcohol in moderation. Benefits Summary ● Maintain a proper and balanced diet. ● Engage in regular exercise. ● Schedule regular checkups with your doctor Benefits Resource Guide Visiting your doctor on a regular basis, at least annually, is vital for maintaining good health and detecting potential health issues early. ACME CORP [email protected] 000-000-0000 ACME CORP