Content thumbnail RELAYTO Affiliate Partner Program (PartnerStack)

RELAYTO Affiliate Partner Program (PartnerStack)

Earn a 30% commission with TRY NOW!!! the RELAYTO Partner Program Spread the word about RELAYTO in your networks and earn a lifetime commission for every referral you make It’s free to join, it’s easy, and it pays! Join the program

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How does the RELAYTO partnership work? Email Address GENERATE SHARE 1. Create your unique link 2. Refer your network 3. Generate revenue Enter your email address to Share this link with your network via social Every time your referral subscribes to generate your unique referral link media, newsletter, communities, etc RELAYTO, and you receive a 30% commission

Reward structure You'll receive a 30% commission for every subscription that your referral makes Subscription cost * 30% * number of transactions = your reward Pro Team Pro Team Enterprise Monthly plan - $80*30%=$24 $950*30%=$285 $2700*30%=$810 12-month plan $65*12*30%=$234 $800*12*30%=$2,880 $2200*12*30%=$7,920 >$4000*12*30%= >$14,400 24-month plan $50*24*30%=$360 $600*12*30%=$4,320 $1700*24*30%=$12,240 >$3500*24*30%= >$25,200

RELAYTO is designed for Marketing Sales Design Financial reporting Employee communications RELAYTO is G2’s #1-rated platform to create and distribute digital content for marketers, sellers, and anyone wanting to drive engagement The Best B2B marketing & sales teams use RELAYTO/ About RELAYTO

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Who can benefit from the program Agencies Freelancers Consultants Sales Jedi Thought Leaders Marketing & comms experts

Perks that make the RELAYTO Partner Program best in class Recurring revenue stream Top-rated global player Reliable & ongoing support No cap on earnings or the number of RELAYTO is a leader in 13 G2 categories Receive unlimited assistance to increase customers you can refer with customers across the globe your number of referrals Dedicated partner portal Build your personal brand 90 day cookie window Keep track of all your referrals and Show off your thought leadership on social Maximize your earnings with our generous the revenue you’re generating media, blogs, weekly newsletters and more cookie window up to 90 days

We are growing our recurring RELAYTO revenue to tens of thousands of dollars per year just by helping our customers digitize their content. We win, our customers win, and RELAYTO wins, too. Everyone wins! Tom Clements Managing Partner

FAQs Where I can find the terms and the conditions of the RELAYTO Partner Program? Can the RELAYTO sales team support enterprise clients? When do I receive my referral bonus? Do I need to be a current RELAYTO customer to join the partner program? Is training and support provided to partners? Apply to Join Start earning with the RELAYTO Partner Program

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