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RELAYTO Background Videos Collection

A collection of videos with animation effects, nature, global cityscapes, drones, time-lapses and much more. These videos are meant to augment PowerPoint and PDF content that will be used with RELAYTO as well as native RELAYTO interactive experiences

RELAYTO Background Videos Collection Explore the most popular background videos and use them in your RELAYTO experiences

Select the category Dynamic Video Backgrounds Animated Video Backgrounds Abstract, nature & timelapse videos Animation effects and varied to support backgrounds effects for styles of eye-catching graphics different requirements for different concepts 66 videos available 25 videos available Urban Backgrounds Presentation Backgrounds City and country videos. Footage Video backgrounds which include organised by country for different scenes, characters, and objects to interactive backgrounds support a narrative 111 videos available 29 videos available Gradient & Animations Environment Backgrounds Abstract videos that showcase a Outdoor and ocean videos to variety of abstract visuals and achieve a sense of timelessness, designs space and sustainability. 38 videos available 37 videos available

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