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RELAYTO for Employee Benefit Communications

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Benefit Campaigns Engaging at Every Touchpoint Maximize Impact Across All Channels RELAYTO recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to benefits communication. We focus on how your employees engage with information to design multi-channel campaigns that actively engage, encourage action, and optimize message timing for maximum relevance and impact. Our analytics track the effectiveness, streamlining the experience and reducing basic HR inquiries.

Benefit Guides Customized to Your Culture Tailored Communication with a Personal Touch With RELAYTO, benefit guides are more than just documents. They are custom-crafted narratives designed for your unique employee audience. Our digital guides go beyond traditional print, offering an immersive, interactive experience that can be proudly shared, elevating engagement, and aiding comprehension through personalized branding and design.

Onboarding Open Enrollment Decision Guides Simplifying Decisions in Moments that Matter RELAYTO transforms the onboarding and open enrollment experience with concise, easy-to-navigate guides. These decision aids are crafted to offer employees the essential information needed to make confident benefits choices in a format that respects their time and intelligence.

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      Interactive Content Personalized Benefits Navigation Interactive and Intuitive Our platform's interactive content is carefully designed to address the unique needs of your employees, allowing them to quickly find and understand the benefits relevant to them, with embedded documents and links for in-depth exploration.

      Additional Benefits Advanced AI Animator ™ AI Navigator ™ Communication Smart, Simple, and Central AI Engagement AI Background RELAYTO doesn't just simplify benefits Insight ™ Videos communication. It revolutionizes it with AI-driven customization, comprehensive analytics to gauge and improve campaign effectiveness, and a centralized administration that streamlines the entire communication process. Recommended AI Content Content Chat ™ Multi-view Generator ™

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      Interactive Flipbook Engaging Benefits Guide Explore with Ease RELAYTO's flipbooks are more than words on a screen. They are an interactive, digital evolution of the traditional benefits guide. Customized to your branding and designed for clarity, our flipbooks bring a sense of quality and importance to your employees' benefit experience, enhancing their understanding and engagement.

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      Video Presentation Add interactive buttons Select an action that will directly to your videos happen on click Animated & Motion Graphic Explainers Learn More Visual Storytelling With RELAYTO, leverage the power of video to illustrate complex benefits, streamline onboarding processes, and simplify training. Next Add interactive icons directly to your videos

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      Microsite Your Digital Benefits Concierge Tailored Benefits Portal A RELAYTO microsite acts as a central hub for all your benefits communications, providing employees with a one-stop digital space for comprehensive plan information, wellness initiatives, and essential documents.

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      Hub Centralized Employee Benefits All Your Benefits in One Place The RELAYTO Hub is the nexus for your benefits communication, ensuring that every employee finds what they need when they need it, with intuitive navigation and interactive tools that minimize HR inquiries.

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      Perks that contribute to RELAYTO's leading position for Benefit Guides Smart Content Distribution Media-Rich Embeds RELAYTO Templates Flexible content sharing Enrich content with 1000+ A vast array of over 100 across channels. media options. professional templates. AI Engagement Insight™ AI Animator™ AI Content Chat™ Detailed analytics for Instant auto-animations for AI-powered precise message optimization. dynamic presentations. content retrieval.

      TRANSFORM YOUR BENEFITS GUIDES: Innovative Approaches to Educate and Engage Employees Book a Demo

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