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RELAYTO for Green

Why “Green & digital” is the new “black & white print.” ? RELAYTO was born to enable any knowledge worker to transform print-first content like brochures, magazines, reports, print-outs, e-books into compelling digital experiences that work anytime, anywhere, on any device. WE SUPPORT

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Transforming Paper into Digital Experience Does transforming paper into digital experience matter? What could it concretely mean for our environment and carbon footprint? Let’s run an experiment for an organization everyone knows, the United Nations. On just one of UN’s public websites google finds over 1 MILLIONS PDFs. (Note we are not counting all the other public websites of various UN agencies or BILLIONS of internal documents - just the public document content on Let’s say in 2022 this 1 million UN documents have been automagically transformed into digital experience instead of getting sent to print.

This helps save, conservatively: > 5 billion 474,000 13,605 pieces of paper barrels of oil cars’ worth of CO2 We highlighted the UN because we actually love their vision and are signatories to its Global Compact. UN is spearheading the wonderful 17 Sustainable Development Goals initiative, supported by most forward-thinking organizations. How wonderful would it be if the UN could not only save all that paper/environmental waste, but also create compelling digital experiences that inspire action towards fulfillment of those worthy goals.

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5 Reasons to turn paper-first content into digital Clearly, going paperless is a big win for the environment. As if you needed convincing, here are 5 reasons why. Save trees Reduce transport Save water Chemical stuff Cut down on pollution

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We are excited to move the industry along with other documents companies reducing the print impact such as Docusign (shout out to Docusign for assembling some of this research). No paper has been used to produce this RELAYTO experience. Please let us know if you want to co-create a better and greener future together. WE SUPPORT

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