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RELAYTO/ Hubs Best Practices

RELAYTO/ Best Practices for Hubs Best practices for creating hubs to efficiently organize & group your RELAYTO experiences together in a branded environment.

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Watch Video Tutorial Creating a Hub Hubs provide shared context across different kinds of assetsー documents, presentations & videosー in a central, always up-to-date location. The hub solution allows documents to no longer be stand-alone experiences that lack context, & reduces the time people take to search for content.

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Types of Hubs Document Hub Video Hub Easily arrange & share your documents with Creating video hubs allows you to display a single, branded location. These hubs can your videos in a branded environment, contain all kinds of documents ー PDF similar to a YouTube channel playlists. presentations, summaries & long-form Providing a “home” for your videos with content ー in one central place. hubs will lead to easy access & sharing of your content.

Hub Details After creating a hub, you will able to customize your hub on the left side of your screen. These customizations will help viewers understand the context of the hub: ● Hub name ● Description of hub - mention number of documents or content type ● Cover image - PNG, JPG or GIF

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Watch Video Tutorial Adding Content When adding your RELAYTO experiences to a hub, think about what the purpose of your hub is. What kind of context will your documents share? What set of documents do I want to have in the same location? If there is a single asset that can fit into multiple contexts, you are able add it to more than one hub.

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Watch Video Tutorial Order of Content The arrangement of your content in a hub can be important when you would like to emphasize a particular document or hierarchy. RELAYTO has the option of setting featured documents. Featured documents have a star icon, which shows viewers that they’re the main documents of the hub.

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Privacy Settings RELAYTO offers different privacy settings for your hub so you have control over who sees the content within the hub. There are 5 settings to choose from:

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Watch Video Tutorial Persistent Hub Navigation The persistent navigation feature provides seamless navigation between documents within the same hub. Enabling this feature allows people who are viewing a document in your hub to access another hub document in just one click.

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