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environments p. 92 execution 27 18 px. px. All three sides of the open frame have the same 9 px. thickness, and the size remains the same in all 9 px. 27 px. online executions. Which means that the size of the 9 px. Sony logo and the tagline remain the same as well. The sizes are as follows: thickness of the sides of the frame: 27 pixels height of the Sony logo: 9 pixels height of the tagline: 7 pixels Most of the online executions will be animated. In that case the open frame should appear on the first frame. On the next frames the left side could disappear. The Sony logo is shown on the first frame and on the last frame. The tagline only appears on the last frame. Preferably use an animation in a horizontal direc- tion to emphasize the idea of the open frame. font: itc avant garde medium Animated copy could run The height of the black space between the image and the bottom side of the open frame size: 10 pt, minimum is determined by the leading of the type: leading: 1.3 x type size here. Lore venis et iuscilisis. in this case: letter spacing: 0 type size: 16 pt word spacing: 80% leading: 1.3 x 16 = 20.8 pt color: white reversed out of black alignment: flush left / ragged right 7 px. 27 px. ( ), shown here at 150% of the actual size. square pop-up 250 x 250 px.

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