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Internal Merchandising Approved vendors As one of the most revered brands it’s critical that we showcase our brand in the best light. With the coordination of Procurement and Marketing an Approved Vendor Program was established Inman Promotional Team to ensure our brand integrity. The products and process these vendors follow and use helps to ensure a high level of quality, Customer Service, and safety standards that helps protect the Contact: Barney Inman Company, our Employees, and our Customers. Note to Employees: Southwest Airlines Employees should use these vendors when developing 214-346-3250 merchandise for their respective needs. These vendors will help provide competitive pricing and a variety of merchandise to select from. Contact one of our approved suppliers to identify the need [email protected] for your specialty product order. If the item price is greater than $50 or the total order is greater than $1,000, our approved suppliers will contact our Procurement Department for approval of the order. Procurement will work with our suppliers to provide suggested items for your selection. Once the selections are approved, you will place your order through Ariba. Creata USA Inc For more information about Ariba please contact Vicki Mccrummen at [email protected]. Contact: Stephanie Wilke 214-543-5707 [email protected] Catalyst Marketing Contact: Jeff Masquelier 972-403-8785 [email protected] Internal Communication Style Guide Southwest Airlines Brand Style Guide | 97

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