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Airport Check-in back wall panel color breakdowns Colored and Tone-on-tone Warrior Stripes The Warrior Stripes must be displayed on a Bold Blue background. 1" thick dimensional letterforms White gloss finish Dimensional Heart Symbol Warrior Stripes Tone-on-tone Warrior Stripes Sunrise Yellow Bold Blue Warm Red Vinyl Wilsonart Laminate C:82 M:68.09 Y:18 K:0 Lapis Blue Summit Silver D417-60 Benjamin Moore Blue Benjamin Moore 2066-10 Starry Night Blue 2067-20 Matthews Paint 20 MP11976 Blue Bike Matthews Paint LRV 7.8 21 MP06175 Nantucket LRV 11.3 Vinyl C:82 M:68.09 Y:18 K:0 Benjamin Moore Southern Belle 819 Matthews Paint 39 MP00973 Diner Door Blue LRV 15.6 Airport Style Guide Southwest Airlines Brand Style Guide | 126

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