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Brand voice Defined When you’re defining a brand’s voice, it’s best to think about it as if the company was a person. Maybe they’re big and brash or maybe they’re quiet and reserved. Whatever the case, their personality represents who they are. And if they deviate from it, it’s instantly noticeable. The Southwest brand is no different. We have a voice and must remain true to it at all times. Otherwise, we risk seeming disingenuous or unfocused, and our Customers will stop feeling a connection with the airline. Once that connection is gone, they’ll be less likely to choose us for future flights. Southwest is: • Friendly—when we speak, it should sound like we are smiling. Our brand voice is bright and optimistic. There’s nothing snobbish or aloof about us. • Smart—we’re insightful. We do things differently at Southwest, and our wit comes through in the way we speak. Our humor is rooted in clever observation and a spirit of fun. We put an unexpected twist on relatable human truths and share our smarter take on travel but always with a smile. Previously the Southwest brand embraced broader, more slapstick comedy—for example, a pratfall or a funny gag to get a laugh. As our brand has evolved, so has our tone. The result is still laughter, but today our method is more mature. • Genuine—we sound like a real person. We speak in a way that’s casual, warm, and relatable but not too homespun. We’re honest and straightforward. No faking, overexaggerating, or trying too hard for a joke. • Bold—we’re a Company of individuals. We’ve always dared to do things differently. We stand out while giving people something to think about, to smile about, and to remember. Voice and Tone Southwest Airlines Brand Style Guide | 14

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