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RICON West, Basho's distributed systems conference, was a huge success. It featured a closing keynote from Google Fellow, Jeff Dean, and speakers from The Weather Channel, Netflix, Twitter, and more. You can check out videos from RICON West and past RICON conferences on Basho's Youtube Channel. Watch RICON videos

Basho is a distributed systems company that makes Riak, an open source distributed database, and Riak CS, open source cloud storage software. Both are architected for high availability, fault-tolerance, and linear scalability. They are used by businesses ranging from gaming to mobile to health, including over 25 percent of the Fortune 50. Basho's solutions are ideal for companies that need to always store and access critical data. Common use cases include powering Web, mobile, and social applications; collecting client-facing monitoring data; and building public and private cloud platforms. Learn More

Multi-Datacenter Replication, available with Riak Enterprise and Riak CS Enterprise, allows for data to easily be replicated across locations. Designed to maximize availability, replication of data allows enterprises to pre-determine the physical locations of specific data - addressing regulatory compliance and improving end-user experience through low latency. Learn More

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