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KPI REPORTING¹ Theme KPI Metric ~ Clean energy Clean energy projected to be produced 730,000 (MWh)2 3 ~ Annual carbon reduction (tCO e) 256,000 2 resulting from household energy savings Ecosystem Gallons of stormwater capacity ~8,457,000 services Communities # of affordable/specialized housing units ~3,330 4 built or rehabilitated ~ Square feet of 19,000 community space ~ Accessible # of childcare programs projected to be 2,800 on the platform by end of 20225 and Affordable Education Financial # of small/mid-sized businesses served ~1,900,000 inclusion 6 ~ # of loans to LMI individuals 38,500 Accessible # of jobs created/preserved ~5,500 and Innovative Healthcare 1 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) represent aggregate metrics across all investments where data was available, as provided directly by the relevant companies. KPIs provided by companies pertain to total project impact. 2 Represents a projection for the expected amount of energy to be produced (MWh). MWh represents megawatt hours. 3 tCO e represents tonnes (t) of carbon dioxide (CO ) equivalent (e) 2 2 4 Represents the number of affordable/specialized housing units that Goldman Sachs provided financing for the construction and/or rehabilitation of and may still be under development. 5 Represents the number of childcare programs projected to be created by end of 2022. 6 Low-to-moderate income (LMI) households are defined as having income levels lower than 80% of the area median income. 125

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