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To achieve material change, sustainability commitments must be tied to powerful economic outcomes. We’re focused on two core pillars of sustainable finance that we believe continue to be key drivers of market risk and opportunity: climate transition and inclusive growth. We have catalyzed our commitment to sustainability by setting a target of $750 billion of financing, investing, and advisory activity, grounded in our two key pillars and spanning nine impact themes by 2030. Our inaugural Sustainability Bond and Goldman Sachs Sustainability Issuance Framework, launched in early 2021, are aligned with these same themes. The Framework expands upon our firmwide commercial model of driving At Goldman Sachs, our capital and supporting innovation that encourages progress on climate transition and inclusive growth, and it builds upon firmwide approach to years of experience designing and issuing Green, Social, and Sustainability financial products. sustainability is driven by As an advisor, financier, and investor, we leverage the full our purpose: to advance range of our expertise and services as we look to develop innovative sustainability solutions. From supporting sustainable economic growth sustainable infrastructure projects to investing in companies powering critical innovation in clean energy and transport, and financial opportunity we continue to remain focused on our ability to drive capital. for our clients, our partners, With a keen eye toward achieving long-term, sustainable impact, we seek to ensure a thriving future for our clients, and our communities. As our firm, and our communities. a core focus for the past two decades, sustainability is embedded in our firm’s business strategy and fundamental to supporting long-term growth. Sustainability Report 2021 Sustainability Issuance Report | Introduction 111

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