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OVERVIEW We’ve structured our OF SUSTAINABILITY THEMES commitment around nine key priority areas that we’ve identified as having the most impact. Advancing the Driving Inclusive Climate Transition Growth Clean Energy Accessible and Innovative Healthcare Enable renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, Enable the use of digital technology, advanced devices, and and grid services. diagnostics for better outcomes. Sustainable Transport Financial Inclusion Shift modes of transit through electric vehicles, connected Advance financial inclusion for all, including underserved services, autonomous driving, and public transportation populations, by promoting access to capital, financial development. technology, and products that increase access, support financial health, and drive more equitable economic growth. Sustainable Food and Agriculture Enable green agricultural production, storage, processing, Accessible and Affordable Education and distribution to feed the world. Enable greater access to education, improve learning outcomes, and help close opportunity gaps for learners Waste and Materials of all ages. Promote sustainable production and consumption, along with responsible waste management. Communities Enable infrastructure development, affordable housing, Ecosystem Services and livelihood advancement. Contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources and monetize the value of forests, water, and biodiversity. 112

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