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The RELAYTO Values Contract

Do you have what it takes?


Imagine you can find meaning and joy at work: your team's mission, the work you do, and the way you do it. If you're at RELAYTO, you're choosing to be at the equivalent of Special Forces for the business world. ... That has pluses and minuses.


The benefits

It's awesome to be in the Special Forces. You save 20% of the world's time from creating and reading deadly bullets and mind-numbing memos. You advise top executives, marketers, and consultants on how to communicate with more impact (that's like being a doctor's doctor). You reimagine a technology (documents) that got stuck in the 'dark ages' even as it fuels our complex economy and society. You help bring the most important ideas of our time to life.




Our mission

It is unique and urgent. We Help​​ anyone​​ succeed​​ with​​ their ​​ideas and bring​​ the ​​best ​​ideas ​​to ​​life. The sense of purpose, accountability & urgency that come with it is not for everyone, but if it's your cup of coffee... You will get a chance to say I. A.M. H.A.P.P.Y. every morning.

In the past, we helped build thousands of high-performing organizations and experimented with what it takes to build a happy workplace. Hint: it's not about free soda in the fridge. Here is the best definition we found: 


We have put together these values to remind ourselves how we deliver true HAPPINESS to our customers, our partners, and yes - YOU.



Does this sound like your DNA? 



The 10 Promises

Own It 

I promise to take charge of my life and help others do the same.


Stay Curious 

I promise to keep learning from every experience.


Be Honest 

I promise to speak my truth and encourage others to do the same.


Skip the Gossip 

I promise to talk directly to people about issues and stop gossiping.


Be Thankful 

I promise to appreciate what I have and show gratitude.


Show Your Brilliance 

I promise to be myself and encourage others to do the same.


See Both Sides 

I promise to consider different viewpoints and not just my own.


Approve Yourself 

I promise to find security within myself and not seek it from others.


Find Allies 

I promise to see others as helpers on my journey.


Win Together 

I promise to find solutions that benefit everyone involved.





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