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INDUSTRIES SERVED INDUSTRIES SERVED YEAR-OVER-YEAR This year, many 3PLs focused on specializing in specific industries, with 3PL warehouses serving 2.9 industries—down from 3.5 industries last year—showing that with the increased demand that many 3PLs saw this past year, they doubled down on industries and workflows that better align with their strengths. The largest industry concentrations include retail, dry storage, and bulk goods. Bottled goods/wine and spirits and pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals showed the largest decrease, dropping 33% and 32% respectively, indicating a possible correlation with some historic COVID-related increases in 2021. Other categories remained mostly flat year-over-year, except hazmat, which showed marked growth, jumping from 10% to 16%. 2022 Third-Party Logistics Warehouse Benchmark Report | 6

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