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Innovating for teams and may provide mentorship when colleagues anywhere in the world at any time can Engaging our the environment the teams are in the Accelerator. There is make an impact as citizen scientists doing tasks no expectation of financial support from such as tagging photos to identify endangered people innovation partners. species with our partner Zooniverse. Tackling the complex global challenges of climate In 2020, our ninth annual “Greener Than” At Accenture, we celebrate the power of change, waste and biodiversity will require challenge gamified the learning and shared success and creativity to solve real- Accenture people are passionate about learning innovation and sustainable behavior shifts on development of Accenture’s environmental world environmental issues that impact not and applying their skills to help the environment. a massive scale. To help address these issues, initiatives, and nearly 43,000 of our people only our business directly, but also industries, Our internal, global network of eco champions we launched Accenture’s first Eco Innovation competed to show their eco-smarts. We also communities and people worldwide. promotes emissions reduction, climate mitigation, Challenge to give our people a platform to offered virtual eco-volunteer opportunities circular economy and biodiversity through a mix collaborate with innovation partners—including in critical areas such as biodiversity where of virtual and in-person events, challenges and clients, startups and nonprofits—on the frontlines volunteer opportunities. With more than 500,000 of tackling these critical issues. people worldwide, our collective actions can have As part of the Challenge, more than 2,300 As part of our Eco a large-scale impact on climate solutions. Accenture people came together as teams to Innovation Challenge TEDx event for think through how to take action on topics like: Accenture people, Chief rewilding land, circular packaging, clean energy Responsibility Officer Peter at home, future of food, green(er) supply chains Lacy interviewed Enric and sustainable cloud. The winning teams Sala, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and will receive support from Accenture’s Social author of Innovators Accelerator and the Sustainability The Nature of Nature Innovation Network to take their ideas forward. (pictured, on a research We are grateful to the more than 40 innovation dive in Costa Rica), about innovating for biodiversity. partners from around the world and across Photo by Manu San Felix for sectors including Amazon, Marriott, Endesa X, National Geographic Aditya Birla, Land O’Lakes, the Climate Group, Pristine Seas and AeroFarms who will help select the winning United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 39

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