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Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder group Example of engagement Satisfaction surveys, client account lead relationships, project We regularly engage internal and external stakeholders Clients quality assurance processes, conferences and events, responses regarding our goals, progress and performance to improve to information requests (e.g., CDP Supply Chain, EcoVadis) our reporting. We use input from a variety of groups to inform our approach and align more closely with Surveys, internal memos and webcasts,, social stakeholder expectations (see table at right). Current Accenture People media, Business Ethics Helpline, focus groups, employee resource groups Additionally, we engaged extensively with varied Quarterly earnings calls, investor and analyst conferences, stakeholders to help us revise our non-financial ESG responses to investor questionnaires (e.g., CDP Climate Change, materiality matrix, which we detail in the ESG Investors Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Institutional Shareholder materiality section. Services, MSCI), Investor Relations team outreach CDP’s Supply Chain program, Supplier Standards of Conduct, Suppliers Global Diverse Supplier Development Program, supplier summits, training and mentorship Goverments, Multi-laterals & Policymakers Political Contributions and Lobbying Policy, discussions via Government Relations team Long-term, strategic nonprofit partnerships in support of Skills to Succeed, employee volunteering and giving, grantee Nonprofit Partners & Foundations relationships via Accenture Foundations, advocacy and societal change through cross-sectoral coalitions, national and international forums Potential Recruits, Alumni & Civil Society Social media,, careers blog, alumni forums and events, news releases United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 64

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