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Guiding our people’s behavior local leaders embracing the program and setting the “tone from the top,” further enhancing our professional environment by visibly modeling The first fundamental behavior featured in COBE good behavior and holding themselves and is “Make Your Conduct Count,” which articulates others accountable. five locally relevant yet globally applicable As the program continues to grow and standards to guide how we think and act across incorporate insights gained through local our unique and diverse culture. This framework learning sessions and focus groups, we see creates a foundation for a positive, respectful and positive individual and workplace changes. inclusive work environment that can inspire our Survey data is driving our training and people, reflect who we are and who we want to development programs to make sure we are be as a company, and guide how we work with meeting the needs of our people. One direct clients, our partners and each other. result of data-driven training is our interactive, We believe these ethical behaviors are critical scenario-based course for supervisors focused to the success of our business, and we continue on handling feedback and concerns, which to monitor the ethical environment through we introduced this year to ensure they have anonymous surveys. We conducted our global the tools they need to properly approach and Conduct Counts survey across all eligible elevate incoming feedback. countries at the end of fiscal 2020 and will continue to conduct the global survey at regular intervals. Because we are a global organization, we can leverage our scale to establish and improve efficient programs for our global workforce. We are pleased to see continued adoption of Conduct Counts across our geographies, with Ramzel, Analyst – Operations, Finance & Accounting, Transaction Processing, Manila, Philippines United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 54

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