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development opportunities that are customized December 2020 cycle, including 605 new We invest nearly Investing in to ensure that our people remain highly relevant. managing directors and 63 new senior managing In fiscal 2020, we upskilled over 70,000 people directors—record percentages of whom were US$900 our people after the pandemic was declared in hot skill women (39% and 29%, respectively). Following million annually areas, such as cloud. We were able to seamlessly our strong financial results for the first quarter in learning and redesign our learning during the pandemic on our of fiscal 2021, we committed to continuing to development for digital learning platform, Accenture Connected invest in vibrant career paths for our people and We are committed to continually enhancing the Learning, and delivered 6% more training hours expanded our usual promotion cycle for the our people capabilities of our people through training and this year while reducing training costs by 11%. first time ever—naming an additional 42 new on-the-job learning opportunities. We continue managing directors effective February 1. to make significant progress in helping our people pivot to new, advanced technologies Performance Achievement Skilling and specialization by providing them with the tools, skills and at scale flexibility to discover new talents and keep pace with the digital revolution and our new reality. Our Performance Achievement experience, When they are equipped for success, not only supported by patented technology, is another are they fulfilled in their career journeys, but our way we invest in our people. Our people identify We know how important it is for our people to clients, our business and our communities reap and apply their strengths, focus on a few vital have a solid grasp of the major technologies that the benefits. priorities, ask for and share regular feedback, and we create, customize, consult on and deploy, take personalized actions to grow and develop. such as cloud, AI and cybersecurity. And, Continuous learning During fiscal 2020, our people provided crucially, our people must be able to share 2.5 million instances of feedback to each other— that knowledge easily with their teams and critical to enabling a culture of performance. clients alike. We have a relentless focus on helping our In fiscal 2020, Accenture introduced Technology people develop skills to remain at the forefront In a particularly challenging year, we created Quotient (TQ)—a new training program to make of both technology and trends in specific the capacity to pay meaningful bonuses for tech fluency table stakes for everyone. The more industries. We invest nearly US$900 million fiscal 2020 performance. We also announced our people can discuss technology in plain annually in continuous learning and professional a significant number of promotions in our language, the more our clients can, too—and the United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 14

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