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Helping to build sustainability Accenture and Salesforce help companies Achieve net-zero emissions by 2025 In alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement, across our clients’ businesses embed sustainability • We’ll focus first on actual reductions in our we’ve also pledged to do our part to keep global emissions by powering our offices with 100% warming below 1.5° Celsius by joining the more Integrating sustainability into the core of business renewable energy, engaging key suppliers than 400 companies that have signed the UN Client Carbon Savings program: Creating is now easier thanks to our expanded partnership to reduce their emissions and equipping our Global Compact’s Business Ambition for 1.5° solutions to reduce environmental impact with Salesforce. Announced in January 2021, the people to make climate-smart travel decisions. Pledge to date. power of our Sustainability Services, Salesforce • To address remaining emissions, we’ll invest We are seeing increased demand from clients for Sustainability Cloud, and Salesforce Customer Multiple industry-wide external certifications, such in proprietary, nature-based carbon removal ISO® 14001, demonstrate our commitment to renewable energy solutions and have responded 360 will bring sustainability to the front office as with visibility into real-time Environmental, solutions, such as large-scale tree planting, running our business responsibly and sustainably by expanding our Client Carbon Savings program that will directly remove carbon emissions and to integrating robust environmental practices to identify emissions-reduction activities that Social and Governance (ESG) data. This helps from the atmosphere. help our clients meet their goals. This program business leaders track, measure and act on their into our operations. Accenture’s Environment also helps us advance our material issue of responsible business initiatives, such as carbon Move to zero waste Management System is ISO® 14001-certified enabling client sustainability. As the COVID-19 use, to meet regulatory requirements and develop • We’ll reuse or recycle 100% of our e-waste, globally—to see our ISO®-certified locations, crisis impacted our clients in unique ways, we new business models. such as computers and servers, as well as all locations that use smart metering and where we’re adapted our energy monitoring solutions and of our office furniture. powering our offices with renewable energy, visit Environmental Impact Map. idled them when appropriate to minimize energy our use—particularly in the case of a global athletic Reducing • We’re committed to eliminating single-use retailer that was impacted by COVID-19 on a plastics in our locations at the conclusion of store-by-store basis and was able to reduce our footprint the COVID-19 pandemic. energy use as store operations fluctuated. In Plan for water risk fiscal 2020, through our Energy Management-as- Over the last decade, we have continually set bigger a-Service offering, we identified potential client and bolder environmental goals for ourselves, • We’ll develop plans to reduce the impact of savings of approximately 15,750 metric tons of innovating our approach to environmental flooding, drought and water scarcity on our CO. In addition, we implemented strategies to sustainability and making strategic investments. business and our people in high-risk areas. 2 • We’ll also immediately begin to measure and help clients avoid 808,890 metric tons of CO . 2 Our new, industry-leading climate action goals take an reduce water use in these locations. ambitious approach to addressing energy, waste and water management. By 2025, we have committed to: United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2020 | 36

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