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During the peak years of COVID the question “How ar e you?” seemed to have lost all meaning. The world was comi ng apar t at the seams, and the answer, quite obviously, was “Does it matter ?” Yet , here we are, back on our feet , swapping inside pants for outside pants and Zooms for commutes. But , now that things are normalizing, how are we, r eally ? Af ter three years of sur vival mode, are we the same ? Do we still hold the same values? How do we define success? And if it’s finally acceptable to check in with ourselves again, do we even know how to? This year’s repor t is a special one for us. Instead of focusing on the outside world, it's time to look inward, and to the creative communit y at large. We asked 6, 000 people from our global WeTransfer communit y personal quest ions about success, fulfillment , and happiness. Maybe it’s because of the trust we've built over the last decade by helping them share their best ideas, but they di dn’t hold back . They shared brutal — and poignant— opinions on the iss ues plaguing the creative industr y psyche. The results show an industr y in flux: an old guard o f creative professionals and agency folks rethinking the sacri fices they ’ve always assumed necessar y for their careers, and a n ew guard of content creators prioritizing health and happine ss, but not earning the industr y 's respect (or even a livable w age). It sounds like we’ve reached a tipping point . But th e good news is that we’re all on the edge together. Ready to ti p. As a staunch suppor ter of the creative communit y, i t's impor tant that we understand the changing motivations of our customers. And as creatives ourselves, we mustn’t forget to ta ke the time to 
 stop, check-in, and ask each other— and ourselves—“H ow are you?” VP of Marketing Julia S hapiro Letter from our VP of Marketing lightbulb Rewriting romantic my ths of the creative industr y 03

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