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Inside The Phenomenal Rise Of WeWork
We Work's Pitch Deck
Company Overview
Space as a Service
Millenials are Redefining the Workforce
Creating Fundamental Shifts
Work is Changing
Creating a New Ecosystem for Work
The Wework Effect
Powered by Technology
First Mover with Critical Mass
Proven, Profitable Business Model
Growing Rapidly
Broadening Member Base
Compelling Value Proposition
Value-added Tenancy
Partnerships with Leading Global Landlords
Fully Predictable Pipeline
Capital Efficient Deal Flow
Opportunity/U.S. Only
Creative Membership
Connected by a Seamless Mobile Experience
Growth in Mobile Usage
Upcoming Social Initiatives
Leverage Scale to Provide Valuable Services
Strong Interest in Services Offerings
Monetizing a Growing Member Base
Extending the Offering Beyond Physical Members
Reinventing Residential
Making City Life Accessible
Next Generation Communities
Urban Campuses
Opportunity/U.S. Only
Five-Year Forecast
Leadership and Vision
Additional Information