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      THANK YOU Welcome This is a photo book about our planet in the early days of the 21st Century. Its images were collected and curated with love and hope by people like you. Today, it serves as a wake- up call. It reveals the burden our home is bearing well over a hundred years into an energy experiment that is beginning to go badly wrong. It gives you a front-row seat to melting glaciers, polluted cities, and dying forests. It shows you communities ravaged by flood or by drought. It highlights the extreme impacts of fire, To the folks at Getty Images who wind, and ecosystems out of balance. It is an invitation to look with your own eyes on the stark reality of a planet in peril. It is also a peek behind the curtain at the seeds of hope that said yes to using their photo exist in creative solutions being developed every day to reimagine how energy is generated collection. and used and how ecosystems might yet be saved. WITH YOUR OWN EYES is a collection of hopeful images too, reminding us that there is much To Shepard Fairey for donating four yet worth working our very hardest to save and restore. It’s also a call for you to join us. We are magnificent pieces of cover art. building a movement of difference-makers who know that, together, we can do just about anything. It is not too late. To the other artists who allowed us If you are reading this, you are already making a difference. When you share it with someone, to share their work with the world. you amplify your impact, and ours. If you want to do even more, The Carbon Almanac, and the movement it is inspiring needs you. We need your perspective. We need your passion. We To the dozens of volunteers whose need YOUR energy. hands and creative energies We hope this will stand as a testament to how close we came to a bad outcome, and as a brought this vision to life. reminder that humans can do more good than harm if we point our collective efforts in a shared direction. The time is now. Let’s go!

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