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17 This is a really good answer. We can and should debate the validity of statement IV. When I wrote this questio n f or my students, I intended this to be a “trick question” and the statement to be fal se (if one puts too many K anban cards into the process, strictly speaking, inventory could go up). But it appears a s if Ch at GPT sa w through my evil intent and wisely added the clause “ if im pleme nted correctly”. The explanation is once again excellent, including the final stateme nt about the usefulness of cross -tr aining. A+. SUMMARY The p revious pages should convince even a skeptical reader that Chat GPT ha s rem arkable skills in handling problems as used extensively in the training and te sting of our MBA students. Combining the results of the questions, I would grade this perfo rmanc e as a B to B -. The following reference point might help put this performance into perspective. Until Whar ton allowed students more flexibility in which courses they take, this Operations Management course was a required course that eve ry student had to take. However, we did allow stu dents to waive this course if t hey could demonstrate content maste ry o n a wai ver exam. The performance of Cha t GPT reported above would hav e be en sufficient to pass the wai ve r exam, though by a very small ma rgin. Part 2: Chat GPT Generating Exam Questions After exploring to what extent my students might be better off with this technology, I also wante d to find out if I as a professor and author c ould take advantage of it. I know that only few readers (most likely fellow instructors) will pity me for this, but I face the challenge of coming up with new te st questions every year and for e very new e dition of my book. By now, I have written 1000’s of questions and, at time s, I feel I have exhausted my ima gination for new problems. C an I turn to Chat GPT to come up with new exam questions? To find out, I ente red the fi rst process analysis que stion (the Circored iron ore process) into th e Cha t GPT prompt alongside with the foll owing instruc tion: QUESTION 8 Create similar questions in the context of a coal mine. He re is the response, i.e., the question generated by Chat GPT .

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