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20 Part 3: Implications for MBA Programs and Faculty I a m no t the f irst to speculate about the impact of Chat GPT o n educ atio n. However, I propose that the impact of Chat GPT on business school education in g eneral and Operations Management in particular goes beyond wh at i ts impact will be on teaching mathematics, history, biology, or lit erature. “O pe rations” has its roots in the Lati n word “opus”, which stands for “ work”. Th e purpose of my Operations Mana gem ent c lass thus is about he lping students analyze and improve th e way people work, now and in t he fu ture. The science of b iology has and wi ll not ch ange because of Chat GPT . How people work, in contrast, is constantly changin g a s tech nolog y ad vances. Based on the B to B- pe rforma nce of Chat GPT in my cours e and its ability to generate creative (though imperfect) questions for m y future e xams, I see the following implications for us as business school f aculty. Implication 1: Be mindful of what Cha t GPT can and cannot do The moment I saw the ans we r to my first question, I fel l in love with Chat GPT . I had used other n atural language processing and AI software before, but this simple user experienc e and the great answer put me in a state of awe, and I am sure it has im pressed many users before me. But we should not forget that it made major mistakes in some fairly simple situat ions. Being off by a factor of 10x in t he r eceiving station of Question 3 is below the academic performance of a middle schoo l stud ent. The ave rage grade of Chat G PT was a B to B- in a domain that is well documented in thousands of pi eces o f kno wledge that are accessible online. We have many re asons to believe that the technology i s g etting b etter ov er time. But, w e are still f ar from an A + for comp le x problems a nd we still n eed a h um an in t he loop. Im plication 2 : C ont inue to teach th e fo undations I am sure that there will be many calling for a change in course content making an argument of the type “if a computer can do it at zero marginal cost, a st udent sho uld not need to spend time and money on mastering this skill” or “if a bot can pass the waiver exam of a course, clearly these skills should be removed from the curriculum!”. I have some sympathy for this argument. 35 ye ars ago, as an undergraduate student in Germany, I learnt how to manually invert a matrix and ho w to solve simple optimization problem s wit h nothing but pen and paper. Aft er succ essfully displaying these skills on my final exam, I have never used the m again.

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