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Would Chat GPT Get a Wharton MBA?

1 Co -Brand Name Would Chat GPT Get a Wharton MBA? A Prediction Based on Its P erformance i n the Operations Management C ourse by C hristian Terwiesch ( [email protected]) ABSTRACT Ope nAI’s Chat GPT has shown a remarkable abi lity to automate some of the skills o f highly compensated know ledge workers in general and specifically the knowle dge workers in the jobs held by MBA graduates including analysts, managers, and consultants. Chat GPT has demonstrate d the c ap ability of performing pro fessional tasks such as writing software co de and p repa ring legal documents. The purpo se of this paper is to document how Chat GPT perform ed o n th e final exam of a typical MBA core course, Op erations Management. Exam questions were uploaded as used in a fin al exam setting and then graded. The “academ ic performance” of Cha t GPT can be summarized as follows. First, it does an amazing job at basic operations m anagem ent an d p rocess analysis questions including those that are ba sed o n ca se studies. Not only are the answers correc t, but th e explanations are excellent. Second , Chat GPT a t times makes surprising mistakes in relatively simple calculations at the level of 6th gr ade Math. These mistakes can be ma ssive in magnitude. Third, the present version of Chat GPT is not capable of handling more advanced process analysis questio ns, even when they are based on fairly standard templates. Thi s incl udes process flows with multiple products and probl ems with sto chastic effects such as demand variability. Final ly, Chat GP T is remarkably good at modifying its answers in response to human hints. In other wo rds, in the instances where it initially failed to match the problem with the right solution method, Chat GPT was able to co rrect itself after receiving an app ropria te hint from a human e xpert. Considering this performance, Chat G PT would hav e received a B to B- grad e on the exam. This has i mportant implications for business sch ool education, including the need for ex am p olicies, curriculum design f ocu sing on collaboration between human and AI, opportuniti es to simulate real world decision making processes, the need to teach creative problem sol ving, improved teaching produ ctivity, and more. Please cite as : Ch ristian Terwiesch, “Would Chat GPT Get a Wharton MBA? A Pred ictio n Based on Its Performance in the Operations Management C ou rse”, Mac k I ns titute for Innovation Management at the Wh arton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2023.

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