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3 • The present version of Chat GPT is not capable o f ha ndlin g more advanced process analysis questions, ev en when they are based on fairly standard templates. This includes process flow s with m ultiple products and pro blems wi th stochastic effects such as demand variability. • Ch at GP T is remarkably good at modifying its answ ers in r espons e to human hints. In other words, in the instanc es where it initially failed to match the problem with the righ t solution method, Chat GPT wa s able to correct itself after receiving an appropriate hint from a human exp ert. Thus, having “a human i n the loop” can be very valuable. Even more remarkable, Chat GPT seems to be ab le to learn over time so t hat in the future the hint is no longer need ed. • Give n th at Chat GP T has demonstrated some crea tivity in pro ducing poetry and song lyrics, I te st ed if it wo uld be able to produce new questions for future e xam s and the next edition of my boo k. T he resulting q uestions were well worded and at times e ven humo rous. Ho wever, they required substantial adjustm ents before becoming usable exam questions. Pa rt 1 of this paper reports on Chat GPT responding to some of my exam questions. Part 2 shows a sample of exam questions generated by Chat GPT . Finally, I articulate a set of implications for MBA programs in Part 3. M any opinion pieces I have seen on this and related topic discuss Chat GPT i n the abstract without showing how it handles specific questions. As many in the business school world, I believe that learning is best done using a specific case setting, in my case Operations Management. Chat GPT has strengths and weaknesses that can be discussed in the abstract, but the specific nuances of the case setting matter. Thus, I encourage even a rush ed reade r to at least skim through parts 1 and 2 as opposed to moving right to the implications. Part 1: Chat GPT taking five exam questions Let m e be gin by showing how Chat GPT did on five exam questions of my course. For each question, I will first p rovide the text that I used for my course’s exam, which I also fed into the Chat GPT prompt line without any adjustment or simplification. Given that most readers will not be familiar with the academic field of Operations M anagement, I will then briefly articulate the specific skills that are needed to answer the question. I will then sho w how Chat GPT answered the question alongside my “professorial” evaluation of the answer, including a grade and some comments. Rea ders wit h some basic business b ackground a re invited to “play a long” a nd spend s ome time thinking a bout the q uestions th emselves b ef ore looking a t any of t he answers.

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