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And here's why it's important. This phenomenon is much stronger for men. Because men are naturally less empathetic than women to start with. Here's the pattern I want you to recognize... A man will drift toward not caring unless you trigger his empathy. And you can trigger his empathy by giving him ways to please you that are specific, concrete, and easy to picture in his mind. Doing so triggers feelings of happiness, because now it feels like he's making progress. He'll feel excited about the relationship he's building with you. He will feel more emotionally invested. Now let me put this in perspective for you. The truth is, men enjoy being on a mission, no matter how small. So you don't need to think up some elaborate plot to activate his mission-focused energy. A problem can be very insignificant, but still trigger his mission-focused instincts. Lest you think I'm exaggerating, let me share an example of just how insignificant a mission can be while still bringing about a change in male behavior. First, some background information. "Splash back" is the technical term for the mess men leave behind as urine splashes out of urinals and ends up on the floor and walls of a bathroom. As you can probably imagine, splash back is the bane of every custodian's existence. In fact, that's probably what inspired Jos Van Bedaf, a custodian in Amsterdam's Shiphol Airport, to do a little experiment. He had the idea to put a small decal with a picture of a fly in each of the urinals, to create a sort of "target practice" for the men using them. Did it work? You bet. It cut the amount of splash back in half. Some estimates say it reduces splash back by 80%. All because they gave men a target to aim for. Would it have worked to just nicely ask men to aim more carefully? No. Because it would not have triggered his mission-oriented brain to care. And apparently, the fly picture is particularly effective as a target, because men see it as something unsanitary and unconsciously think a stream of pee will kill it. Guys always respond well to the opportunity to be on a mission. I know this example is a little gross. Sorry about that. But I shared it because it's also kind of funny. Particularly because I know it would work on me. Plus, this example illustrates a broader truth about how men think and react. Show a man any kind of target, and he'll feel eager to prove his worth. Just make sure it's a target he can easily see and understand. Watch for this pattern in the man you love. Once you begin to look for it, you'll see it all the time. You'll begin to recognize how powerfully it impacts his choices and motivates his behavior. He wants to be on a mission. Does it influence his relationship with you? You bet! And that's why I want to show you one more secret about how the male mind works. Visit our Free Presentation on His Secret Obsession

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