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Being successful in relationships (in anything, really) is simple: just make the right decision at every turn. One of the delights of my career has been meeting people who can actually do this. And here's what differentiates really good decision-makers from the rest of us. Pattern recognition. Some people just seem to have a knack for getting what they want out of life. But it's not just luck. These people have learned to recognize patterns. And when you can see patterns unfolding around you, it's almost as if you've been given the ability to predict the future. So I'll say it again. What separates exceptional decision-makers from the rest of us is pattern recognition. This is the ability to see patterns. Patterns that give you the power to see the invisible framework that causes things to happen. I'll show you how this applies to your relationship in just a minute. But first, take a moment to recognize something important. People use pattern recognition all the time. What makes a high school student the star football quarterback? It's his ability to almost instantly recognize patterns on the field and make split-second decisions based on pattern recognition. What allows a world-renowned physician to make a diagnosis that others missed? He hears the same list of symptoms, but his deeper knowledge of an illness allows him to spot patterns other doctors didn't recognize. How did you learn to change the route you drive to work depending on the time of day? You noticed traffic patterns that allow you to avoid congestion and take alternate routes. Here's the point. Pattern recognition allows you to get more of what you want. The ability to spot emerging patterns in your relationship may be the most critical skill of all. It's not experience. It's not memory. It's not intelligence. It's pattern recognition. Because it allows you to create your own luck. But here's the really interesting thing. You can deliberately improve your pattern recognition to get much better results in your relationships. And perhaps the easiest way to do so is to study the patterns other people have already discovered. It works better and faster than trial and error. The fact is, you already use pattern recognition all the time. Without even realizing it, you combine past experiences, intuition, and common sense to predict what will happen next. And you can do so with a fair degree of accuracy. The problem is, much of your intuition and common sense is gender-specific. Meaning it is based on your own personal experiences in relationships as a woman. So it often fails you when you try to understand and predict what a person of the opposite gender is thinking and feeling. Visit our Free Presentation on His Secret Obsession

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